Emotional Intelligence as a Service

All power of deep behavioral analysis with Artificial Emotional Intelligence API

Simpleem in numbers

We developed an interaction-based system that determines the user’s emotional state from speech and audio-visual data identifying how to react in a proper way
To detect all behavioral (verbal and non-verbal) signals
To infer our models on real world data and translate behavioral insights into concrete business metrics
pre-trained AI-models
real business conversations with labeled results used
To measure behavioral signals precisely and interpret them objectively
In identifying really impactful patterns and success prediction
accuracy achieved
datapoints analyzed

Use cases

We worked on requests with different use cases where Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) could be used as a Service. The most interesting listing below
  • Inside Sales
    Build rapport with customers and identifying faster the best way to communicate with different people
  • Customer Success
    Identify non-obvious client pains and barriers to product usage evaluating client satisfaction and NPS objectively
  • HR
    Boost teams' productivity by assessing soft-skills without bias, determining outperformers' best behavioral and pitch practices, identifying low engagement and motivation
  • Coaching and tutoring
    Use interaction-analysis the most critical practices to engage people and adopt educational process (materials, timeline, presentation, group interactions, etc) and make it high-efficient
  • Pitching, Fundraising
    Using our solution on both sides of the fundraising process:
    1. Make a pitch sexy for investors
    2. Identify specific behavioral patterns of high-performance and hype-driven teams
  • IT services/development
    Products and services development based on virtual human interactions and behavior: from new video meeting apps to remote degustation service for restaurants
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